DAXI - refurbished railway equipment

Welcome to the world of DAXI

We manufacture, distribute and recycle railway equipment

All around the world railway companies are continuously investing in the expansion of railway networks (freight lines and urban metro systems). Rail infrastructure is costly and complex to source. We assist railway companies, terminal operators and rolling stock owners with tailor-made offers, be it for new or recycled equipment. 

DAXI will always find what you require.  

30+ years of experience make us a global pioneer in our field.

 Work with experts with a proven track record - get in touch with us today.


Track Equipment

(new, used, re-engineered)

  • Rails (from 33 to 60kg per metre)
  • Sleepers (wooden, concrete, steel, other)
  • Turnouts, switches, crossings, turntables
  • Fastenings, bolts, fishplates
  • Private and public rail sidings
  • Work bases

Rolling Stock

(VPI services, overhauls, refurbishments)

  • Passenger transport (1st & 2nd class, sleeper coaches, restoration wagons, VIP, presidential)
  • Cargo transport (flatbed wagons, bulk wagons, tank wagons, ballast wagons, custom wagons)
  • Wheelsets, couplers, brakes, lights
  • Leasing, rental, and project finance solutions    
  • Asbestos removal on old wagons

Trackwork Equipment

(new, used, re-engineered)

  • Fully manual track-work equipment   
  • Engine-powered track-work equipment
  • Shunting locomotives (diesel, electric) 
  • Multi-purpose rail vehicles 
  • Cranes with rail access capabilities
  • Extensive range of trucks for rail works

1000+ projects completed successfully in more than 20 countries.

 See how DAXI can support you with tailor-made railway equipment.


Proven track record

1000+ successfully completed projects across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We are good at what we do

EU-quality products at better-than-Asia pricing. Our products are certified by industry standards.

Railways are our passion

Developing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to our many customers' problems is what drives us.

Global footprint

Completed projects in 20+ countries. We have expertise in shipping railway equipment globally.

From scratch to go-live

We don't just deliver goods, we provide a complete service until the equipment is installed on site. 

Project finance solutions

We can offer leasings, differed payment schedules or longer-term financing solutions.

Our equipment is certified for use in Europe and around the world.

 Get in touch with us and learn more about our effective solutions.


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