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At a crossroad in your carreer?

At DAXI we are always looking for bright and motivated employees. Really!

We have worked long anough to realize that in every company it is the team behind the company that makes the difference between failure, average performance, or a great success. As companies evolve over time, the challenges faced evolve as well. Resilient teams manage to adapt to new challenges and reinvent responses the customer requirements. At DAXI, it is our basic conviction that on the long term a company should not hire people for specific positions, but rather for their values, their overall ambitions in life, for their skills. It could well be that a carreer at DAXI takes you to different departments or different roles over time. 

If you have a feel for helping shape a SME,

have a bit of an entrepreneurial mind,

foster autonmy savvyness,

and a developped a passion technical challenges,

let us know on and we will likely be interested in meeting you.

Industry in railways is a plus, but not a must at all.

Nevertheless, at the moment, we are urgently looking for candidates that can assist as:

Logistic & Production Supervisor

Position based in Belgium


External Sales / Business Developpers

 Postion based in Belgium

Convinced that there is a place for you at DAXI?
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