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Rolling stock

There is a huge untapped potential for refurbished rolling stock equipment

Railway operators around the world are increasingly under pressure to reduce / save on costs. Liberalisation pushes for higher asset utilisation and synergies can still be achieved by outsourcing much of your fleet maintenance and overhaul services. Extending the life-time of wagons brings down investment needs. Emerging economies on their side face drastic increases in urbanization and a surging demand for public transport capacity. Both for freight and passenger transport, refurbished equipment is ideal to save on time and get appreciably greater value for money.

DAXI-overhauled wagons have already found a new life in 20+ countries.

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Freight wagons

We offer new and refurbished freight wagons and assist with VPI maintenance services in Europe.

Our company is the exclusive representative for some large rolling stock manufacturers in Europe and beyond.

We have successfully completed many major overhaul projects on industrial wagons, freight wagons, ballast wagons, bulk wagons, hopper wagons, rail tankers, power trolleys, etc...

Beyond adapting the wagons to your specific requirements we assist in making wagons more silent, lighter, more modular, and ready for use in intermodal environments.

We have ample experience in the shipping of wagons to coastal and landlocked destinations. With DAXI on your side you are in excellent hands!

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Passenger coaches

We overhaul passenger coaches (train, tram, and metro).

Our services include stripping out; the overhaul of bogies; the revision and reassembly of brake systems; the replacement of draw and buffing gear; the cleaning, sanding, treatment and painting of the car bodies; the cleaning and replacement of windows; the installation and painting of new doors, the review of power supply systems; the replacement of HVAC equipment; the installation of new interior facilities (wall panels, floors, carpets, seats, beds, kitchens, racks, lavatories, etc).

Working on close collaboration with your teams we aim to optimise interior quality, durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Spare parts & specialised services

You can count on us to supply you with all necessary bogies, wheels, braking equipment, interior components, coupling equipment, body parts, power cables, bearings, lights, etc. We can offer new and used parts on most major brands and have experience in shipping worldwide.

Additionally, we are fully equipped, qualified and trained to perform the maintenance of wagons which are known to contain asbestos. We have developed customized tools to safely remove asbestos from all types of wagons. Our workshops are fully certified to perform this work for you.

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Mining, Industry, Agriculture, Petrochemicals, Cargo Freight, Cars, Public transport.

We have successfully coordinated rolling stock refurbishment projects for all industries.


Large network

Where we can source old and new wagons or find technical expertise for specific interventions 

Sustainable solutions

We maximize the re-engineering of used equipment, making overhauls sustainable and cost-effective

Financial tools

Project finance solutions available. We own 100+ freight wagons for short / long-term leasing