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There is a huge untapped potential for refurbished rolling stock equipment

Rail operators around the world are increasingly under pressure to reduce the cost per ton or per passenger, and maximize the return on their rolling stock fleets. Designing, homologating, and manufacturing new rolling stock equipment is a long and costly endeavour. At DAXI we are convinced that refurbished equipment can be a solution to save on production time and get appreciably greater value for money.

At DAXI, we work in close collaboration with network operators and wagon fleet owners to assess and develop new uses for obsolete equipment. We engineer modifications and coordinate the transformation, before re-selling the equipment to the new owners.

DAXI-overhauled wagons have already found a new life in 20+ countries.

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Freight wagons

  • New and refurbished freight wagons, industrial wagons, bulk wagons, rail tankes, power trolleys, hopper wagons, etc
  • Small or large overhauls and refurbishments (new colors, new loading / offloading mechanisms, ...).
  • Overall improvements / modernisations, such as making more silent, lighter, more modular, and ready for use in intermodal environments
  • VPI maintenance services in Europe.
  • Exclusive representation for some large rolling stock manufacturers in Europe and beyond.

Passenger coaches

  • We overhaul passenger coaches (train, tram, and metro).
  • Full stripping and refurbishing: the cleaning, sanding, treatment and painting of the car bodies; the cleaning and replacement of windows; the installation and painting of new doors, the review of power supply systems; the replacement of HVAC equipment; the installation of new interior facilities (wall panels, floors, carpets, seats, beds, kitchens, racks, lavatories, etc).

Overall support services

  • Supply of spare parts such as bogies, wheels, braking equipment, interior components, coupling equipment, body parts, power cables, bearings, lights, etc...
  • Bogies overhaul; the revision and reassembly of engines and brake systems; the replacement of draw and buffing gear;
  • Asbestos removal
  • Shipping of wagons to coastal and landlocked destinations around the world

We have successfully coordinated rolling stock refurbishment projects for all industries.


We have successfully coordinated rolling stock refurbishment projects for all industries.


Large network

Where we can source old and new wagons or find technical expertise for specific interventions 

Sustainable solutions

We maximize the re-engineering of used equipment, making overhauls sustainable and cost-effective

Financial tools

Project finance solutions available. We own 100+ freight wagons for short / long-term leasing