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Track Equipment

Cost-effective solutions for rail siding owners

With inter-modal transport solutions being developed intensively there is an increased need for a one-stop-shop assistance to build and maintain rail sidings.

DAXI is such one-stop-shop. We supply new and used equipment and recycle vast amounts of material to create refurbished equipment. For new and recycled sleepers, rails, turnouts, crossings, switches, and signalling devices, you can always count on DAXI to come with tailor-made solutions for your requirements. We assist you from concept to construction.

Rail sidings and rail terminals are an expensive investment. 

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What we can do for you


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New and used rails & track material

We hold the largest stock of used rail in Europe. Standard train rails (light and heavy), grooved rails, rails for turnouts and traveling crane rails, can all be dispatched to you within 24 hours.

We are able to provide an extensive range of track equipment components. Available elements include expansion joints, buffer stops, brake shoes, derailing stops, turntables, baseplates, pitched plates, fishplates, clamps, spikescrews, and bolts.

We provide in-house drilling, cutting and curving services in order to adapt any rails to your needs.

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New and used sleepers

Next to our recycling activities of used sleepers we sell new sleepers from hardwood and softwood, steel, concrete or recycled materials. These sleepers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be sold inclusive of baseplates, clamps and spikescrews (in the case of new rail segments or rail sidings).

New wooden sleepers are sourced from sustainable timber and comply with all industry regulations.

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Track equipment & steel fabrications

We manufacture new and refurbished switches, crossing levels and switch operating boxes. All new equipment is fully prefabricated in-house by our team, based on your technical drawings and requirements.

Our equipment has a vast range of rail profiles, turnouts and fastenings and are delivered inclusive of steel or wooden sleepers. They suit all track gauges.

In addition, our skilled team and in-house workshop will fabricate, weld, bend, press, cut, drill and punch custom designed parts for you.

We will assist you up until the equipment is installed on site and provide excellent support on spare parts or any technical support required.

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Construction companies around the world save money by using DAXI equipment.

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On-site trackwork for industry, connections to the rail network, temporary work bases 

 DAXI manufactures, overhauls, installs, and services private and public track equipment

Types of rail that we can assist you with


Heavy or light

Rail from 33kg tot 60kg per metre

EB50T, EB63T, UIC54, UIC60, A63, A73 


Used for tram lines

  • NP4, NP4am, SEI 60-70g, PH37, 60R1, 60R2

Crane rail

Used in ports and loading terminals

A45-75, A100-120, MRS125

Rail operators in 10+ countries use DAXI to revalorise their used equipment. 

 Join the DAXI network and discover just how many benefits we can offer. 

Redundant  track recoveries

Though this is not DAXI's core business, we can assist with removing redundant track safely and cost-effectively. 

If you have rail tracks on your (industrial) property and they are no longer of use, we can look at options to recover them for you. Usually we do this free of charge or we might even pay you (in return for keeping the materials and equipment). However this will depend on the removal work required and the quality of the materials recovered.

If you are a site owner, terminal operator, railway company or property developer, feel free to contact us to arrange a site visit.

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